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Selling Your Home


Your home or investment property is usually one of your most valuable assets and I recognize that the decision to sell your home is a big decision with many factors to consider, both logically and emotionally. I appreciate you considering and entrusting this important task to me and want to thank you for considering me for this important transaction. 


Price Point I will provide you with a range in which I believe your home should be listed based on the current market conditions. By providing relevant information and helping you analyze and interpret it, you will be able to make the decision if now is the right time to sell your home or investment property.

Property Condition The condition of your property will have a lot to do with the selling price and how quickly your home will sell. If there are  minor repairs that you could preform easily, or perhaps some cosmetic upgrades that will make your home more appealing, I will discuss those enhancements with you as well as staging that can work within your budget to make your home shine!

Market Conditions When you decide to sell can be as important as any other factor. The real estate market is always fluctuating and is tied to many economic factors. I will be able to discuss the pros and cons of listing during various seasons as well as in the current market conditions. I may also advise you that now may not be a good time to list. My goal is to be your “Trusted Advisor” for all your real estate needs, now and in the future.

Market Exposure While the first three factors are outside of my control, as your real estate advisor I will give you direction and advise on price, market conditions and how to prepare your home, but it is up to you where we list and to get your home ready. What I can control is market exposure. Strong web presence, target mail outs, open houses, realtor tours, news print, social media and signage are all things I will do to get your home sold in any market.


You want buyers to be interested in your property. The first thing most  buyers are interested to know is price. With that in mind you want to ensure that your property is on the market for a price that will attract buyers, but still provide you a good return.

What is Market Value A Real Estate Agent is there to help you correctly price your property. Deciding on a true market value is where the agent’s expertise will come into play. Prior experience and knowledge will make certain that your property is priced well. Regardless of the original price you paid for the property or even improvements you’ve made over the years, the market value is still based on what buyers are paying for similar properties at the time you put yours on the market.

Don't loose potential buyers The rule of thumb is buyers look at multiple properties before making an offer. This will give them a great idea of whether or not your property is well priced. If it is priced too high, you’ve just lost a potential buyer. Keep that in mind when you are pricing your house.

Overpricing You might think that if you put a high price on your home, “just to see what happens” no harm is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. It might seem harmless, but in fact you could miss out on otherwise serious buyers who think they cannot afford your home. If you’ve priced your home on the high side and later have to reduce it, buyers may wonder what is wrong with your home and loose interest. Pricing your home reasonably the first time is critical to attracting the right buyer at the right time. What you don’t want to do is wind up selling your home for lower than market value because you’ve scared off buyers with your price corrections, or are now only able to attract bargain hunters. If you are realistic with your selling price, everybody wins.

“The best marketing in the world will not sell an overpriced home.”


Marketing Plan Lets identify the direction that is going to maximize the exposure to the right demographic of potential purchasers for your home. Over 90% of all real estate transactions are discovered online. I will customize a marketing plan that will help you achieve the highest results when you decide to list your home. Strong web presence is key. News print, window boards, target mail outs and Social media- Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat are all tools I use to get your listing exposure. Open houses –I am proud to offer open houses exposure to the market is a fundamental component to effectively sell your home. Open houses for Agents and “Sneak Peeks are also a fun and influential way to expose your property to other Realtors. Custom listing sheets - High quality custom feature sheets are packed with useful information about your home and neighborhood will help buyers in their decision process.

Deciding who to represent you is the most important decision you will make in the home selling        process. As a Royal LePage real estate representative, I will help you in the following areas, critical to a successful and satisfying real estate experience.

Act As Your MARKETING Manager By: 

· Guiding you in setting a competitive market price.

· Advising you on how to showcase you home and highlight its best features.

· Developing a professional marketing strategy to expose your property to the widest possible audience– from yard sign to target mailing to a powerful internet presence.

· Reporting to you regularly on buyers feedback as well as new listings and sales that may impact on the market value of your home.

Introduce QUALIFIED Buyers:

· Confirming that each buyer has been pre-qualified prior to viewing your home.

Act As Your CLOSING Coordinator By:

· Sending all documents out in a timely manner.

· Delivering the keys to the buyer only after title has transferred and funds are ready to be issued by your lawyer.

· Follow up on any loose ends prior to and after moving day.

· Providing you with helpful tips and contacts that can make the moving day go as smooth as possible.


· Put yourself in the buyers shoes. Making a list of your homes positive features and deciding how to enhance them is a good start.

· Clean up the outside. The front entry is the first impression of your house. Keeping the grass cut, windows clean and attractive landscaping is extremely helpful. A fresh paint of coat on the door and a clean doormat can help create an inviting “first impression”. Curb appeal!!

· Touch up the interior. Fresh coats of paint and repairing minor infractions make a world of difference. Anything obviously broken gives potential buyers a reason to give a lower offer. Watch where the eye goes, if the eye is drawn to a chipped or cracked wall, FIX IT!

· De-clutter! This is absolute MUST. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in the home. So removing personal items as well as de-cluttering all rooms (including closets, basements and garage’s) makes a huge impact. It also makes the rooms feel larger and more accommodating.

· Cleanliness. Your home must be clean before selling - That includes walls, carpets, bathrooms, everywhere! It gives the impression your home has been well cared for.

· Neutralizing. Neutral paint and décor creates a home for any lifestyle. This helps buyers see themselves in that space.

· Special touches. Fresh flowers and an inviting aroma makes potential buyers feel welcome, however, do not over-do air fresheners.

· Finally, be patient! We will discuss the current days on market of homes. There is a buyer for every home, don’t panic.


  • Give you direction on the best price to get your property sold as soon as possible.
  • Use all available avenues to market your home.
  • Provide an open house -Realtor and public if you desire one.
  • Use my negotiating skills to get you the best possible selling price on your property, and ensure the whole transaction goes smoothly.
  • Put you in touch with the services and experts you will need to complete the transaction, including lawyers, home inspectors, renovators, ect.
  • Handle all of the details to ensure a smooth transaction, from beginning to end.
  • Guarantee your satisfaction with my services.
  • The Buyer has their own agent representing their best interest; shouldn't you have an expert on your side?